22 Main Street

Location                   Client

Marshfield, MA                                       Gail Wills, Homeowner

Project Highlights

This project involved the design, permitting and construction phase inspections of a new septic system at this existing 4 bedroom / bookstore multi-use building located along the banks of the South River in Marshfield, MA. The existing septic system had failed and Morse was hired to design and permit a new system. Due to the environmental sensitivity of the site (within 50-ft. of the banks of the South River), Morse designed a HOOT Aerobic treatment system with a pump chamber and pressure-dosed leaching chamber field, included in the design were new landscape features, a garden and a retaining wall. The system was successfully permitted through the Board of Health, Conservation Commission and Mass. Dept. of Environmental Protection.  Construction was completed during July 2010.